Monday, March 16, 2009

Persian for me?





jooknun said...

today the csm also ask me about take care of an abandon cat of her fren's fren

veyr old one 7 years old jor
but normal type
not persian ler

阿麗安 said...

very old one will die very soon wor....

jooknun said...

cuz the owner is moving out~ cant bring the cat along
wish there is someone can help out
so the cat can have good days for the rest of the day~
or else gonna send to shelter jor

阿麗安 said...

in that case you consider taking care of it then

ariel said...

ya, the cat actually belongs to my friend's friend... said that the shelter home will usually put the cat to sleep when it's old d~

but i also worry later jy will be sad one day soon if the cat die...

so jy u consider 1st~
阿麗安 u also (for persian) =)

阿麗安 said...

i still couldnt make up my mind.
btw, they are supposed to provide me with its pic... still no news

whale said...

go for it

i will take care for u when u r away heheh