Sunday, December 5, 2010

close-up filter. first experience.

an orchird flower + 18-55mm kit lens + a +4 macro filter.


jooknun said...

very nice ler.

Jeremy Kid said...

Plants when shot up close do reveal a somewhat alien world in the most beautiful forms and textures.

I appreciate how you placed it against the plain greenish background, making the colours of the flowers and forms pop out more! :)

阿麗安 said...

thanks jeremy.

and yeah agree with you. coz it does look like a mother bird trying to feed 'sth' and reacted fiercely against the interruption.

leewo said...

不错喔!filter 多少钱?
加在50mm 镜效果应该会更好

阿麗安 said...

永安,濾鏡是朋友借我玩的,50mm不能近拍所以後來換了kit lens