Monday, August 30, 2010


那位經常到我們店裡買東西和唱歌的宇宙智者 今天丟了自製50大元給我 害我開心了一整天 這就是樂善好施的意義


jooknun said...

hahahahaha let me go back ask him next week.

Braxis said...

I can see a euro sign, € in the bank note er.
He knows what is valuable :)

ah wee said...

the note is beautiful pun wor

阿麗安 said...

miss yong, last time he gave mama rm5, this time i got rm50. u ask him for rm 500 then.

braxis, thats y he is the wiseman.

agree with you miss wee, im so going to keep the note.

lulu said...


by the way,just wonder,what he/she planned to buy by using this note?

阿麗安 said...

he didnt plan on buying. he just threw the note on the counter while saying sth and left.

he was just giving out money :)